Marble and Stone work

Stone and Marble Design, Production, Installation and Restoration

Original Styles have a full working knowledge of marble and stone work. With full attention to detail, their experience can ensure that the work provided, using either new or restored marble will give you a stunning finished piece.

We purchase large slabs of various types of marble and stone which come from all over the world. From these slabs we produce any designs and shapes that our clients desire and carry out everything from Design to Installation. We carry out a large number of templates for the cutting of and installation of slate hearths for fireplaces as well as many other applications. We also provide a full stone restoration service. We carry out everything from deep stain removal to marble carving of missing and damaged parts.

Stones We Work With

Natural Stones: Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Etc. Terrazzo and others Manmade Stones.

Marble Restoration

Marble is a luxurious looking product with a lustre and shine. However, after wear and tear over many years, sometimes the shine is removed,stains appear and scratches and chips occur. Our team can provide a marble restoration and polishing service. This restoration will give your marble a new look and shine whilst maintaining its natural character and will find the beauty that it originally had. We will finish our work with a suitable sealant that will give an anti stain effect to your stone to ensure that the shine stays as long as possible. Our service is carried out with full care and attention to ensure that your marble and stone retains its beauty and value.

Our Stone Restoration Features

We restore and repair the stone surfaces of:


floors, fireplaces, tabletops, walls (exterior and interior), columns, statues, kitchens, steps, staircases, etc.

Office and Commerce:

floors, reception areas, fireplaces, bathrooms, lobbies, countertops, walls (exterior and interior).

Our restoration techniques include:

We can arrange to carry out a sample area to show the results that can be achieved.

Original Styles and restoration provide 100% satisfaction guaranteed! All our work is carried out by skilled workman that have a passion for achieving the highest standards possible. Original Styles is a company that has over 30 years of experience. Our workers provide a second to none satisified result. To see further details about our work guarantee please refer to the Terms and Conditions found on this website.