Fireplace Hearths: Tiled/Slate/marble/Stone

Most antique fireplaces were used extensively in the past and as a result the hearth (base) often suffered damage from hot coals falling on to it causing discolouration, cracks, loose tiles etc. The use of pokers and other items sitting on the hearth over the years would cause chips, scratches and other problems leaving the hearth looking in disrepair. We can replace your existing hearth without the need to remove your fireplace.

Tiled Hearths - New

We carry out the removal of existing hearths and replace the cement base (that has often cracked and sunk in places) with a new screed on which we tile using traditional style fireplace tiles. The tiles are glazed and can be laid in various sizes and styles and they come in the following colours:

Tiled Hearths - Repairs

In some situations were only a few tiles are damaged it is sometimes possible for us to lift the border tiles so as to get an exact colour match and fit them were needed and then replace the border with a different colour.

Slate/Stone/Marble Hearths – Template

We carry out a precise template to the profile of your existing fireplace and from this template we cut the Slate etc to shape. Our Templates are so accurate that we Guarantee to have the finished product precise within a few millimetres so that it gives the impression that it has always been there. We finish the slate with oil to achieve a beautiful lustre and with our stone and marble we seal it to prevent stains forming. If you have any other Flooring projects that we can be of assistance to you on, then do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team.