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Fireplace Installation

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Having selected the fireplace that you want for your room, it is now very important to make sure that it is installed both safely and correctly and with as little disruption to you and your home as possible.

Here at original styles all our fitters are fully trained with each having a minimum of 15 years installation experience and are Hetas registered to ensure that the intallation is carried out safely and in compliance with local authority and government standards.

You may well have heard the name Hetas and are wondering what it is and what it stands for. Here is a brief description:

Hetas stands for - Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme.

From the 1st April 2002 new regulations were brought into effect that meant that any person wishing to have a solid fuel appliance installed in their home needed to either obtain a Local Authority Building Notice (that can cost up to £300 + the cost of installing it) to ensure the installation is overseen as being carried out safely, or to have the work carried out by a proffesional through a Government approved Competent Person Scheme,(Hetas). Hetas installer are able to certify their work and write a report that gets filed with local authorities and is therefore vitally important for showing that a fireplace is safe for use on home buyers reports etc. You also recieve a copy of the report for your own records.

Hetas monitor those registered with them as installers, carrying out random tests on work done by installers,( obviously only with the home owners consent).

Fireplace safety is of the highest importance to us here at original
styles as a incorrectly installed fireplace or a blocked flue etc can
prove fatal.

What to Expect -prior to our arrival

When carrying out the installation of a fireplace our fitters need a reasonable amount of clear space in the room and for any walkways to be unobstructed. Any items that are easily enough moved from the immediate vercinity like pictures, ornaments, mirrors, tv cabinets etc should be moved to one side of the room to create space and any items that cant be moved should be suitably covered with dust sheets along with any other items in the room that are to avoid getting dust on.
cover things still.

We will provide flooring protection.

In the case of the elderly and infirm, provisions can be made for us to move needed furniture and protect items with dust sheets.

Wherever possible we use tools with dust extactors and other features that limit any mess and that give precission that results in less disruption and redecoration time.

On the day

A water supply and a electricity supply is often needed for us to carry out the installation and so we kindly ask that these be available on the day.

Most installations can be done in a day or two. We kindly ask that if there are any parking restrictions on your road, that if possible, either space on a drive or a permit for use be made available for our use. If neither of these are available could you please inform us prior to the installation date.

When installing a new hearth we will cut the surrounding carpet but we do not fit carpet trims and grippers. If skirting board is needed to be removed we will always fix it back in place.
Any painting and decorating on the chimney is for the customer to arrange independantly, although in most cases only a light sanding of plaster is needed prior to painting.

Cements and adhessives should be left for a few week before using to ensure that they have dried sufficiently.
With any rubble from the job, we bag it up and leave it in a convenient place for the customer to dispose of. Alternatively we can arrange for disposal of it for a fee.

When we have finished the installation of your fire, you will have the peace of mind that comes with having Original styles carry out the work.

If you have any additional queries, please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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All our fitters are fully trained with each having a minimum of 15 years installation experience and are Hetas registered to ensure that the intallation is carried out safely and in compliance with local authority and government standards. Read more...